Operations and technical support
Our technical support works 24/7.
Provide exploitation of solutions on customers devices, on own capacity PaySystem.tech and cloud deployment as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and etc.
All updates are made in automated mode without stopping the system. Your clients will no longer receive the message: "tonight all services will be unavailable from 0:00 till 6:00. We apologise for the temporary inconvenience." We provide a platform for monitoring, recording and tracking the status of incidents.

Support and software development is carried out on the base of Microsoft Windows Server, MSSQL, IIS, Hyper-V and open source software products such as Linux Server, MySQL, VMWare. We use network equipment from Cisco and Juniper. Our monitoring solution is implemented on the base of Nagios and Zabbix.
We provide the functioning of the solution in accordance with your goals, needs and capabilities in the most efficient way.
The work process is fully automised and allows your system to function non-stop, irrespective of complexity and quantity of changes and updatings.
To ensure the most efficient operation, monitoring and support we use only the highest quality and modern software products and equipment.
Contact us — we are happy to answer.