Payment services by QR-code


QR‑code — it's a modern payment tool for services and goods by mobile app.
All what you need for work — it's smartphone at the hands of client and 2D scanner at the hands of salesman. There is no wide spread of payment by QR-code in Russia yet, but in some countries it's one of the most popular way to pay.

QR-code payment from Alipay pay system is the most popular way to pay in China. Integration with this payment system provide the basis for QR-pay when was creating app for smart cash-registers Evotor. With the help of this product you will wide functionality your payment system and will attract clients.
New clients
When you give an opportunity to pay by QR-code, you expand a list of prospective clients especially if you use a huge payment system.
Any devices
To realise a payment script by QR-pay possible on different devices. Smart cash registers, payment kiosks and any other devices with QR-reader are suitable for this.
Experience PaySystem.tech
Our specialists have a big experience in developing allocated and high-load systems. We have behind an experience in developing solution with QR-code for Alipay. We will help you to do best QR-pay product on market.
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