An expandable payment service

We know, that service providers don't look like each other.
For this reason we developed Machine. The service hides all providers specificities for simple API, allowing to receive payment in a few hours.

Machine — this is the whole set of tools, which allow to configure delicate payment process, to collect analytics and reports, and  to be in control of agency network. This flexibility makes possible to use service independently and inside more large system.

For those, who estimate safety
  • Lightness of the expansion
    To start receiving payment you just need to realise provider's protocol. Machine takes on lead all etceteras. There are load spreading, setting up, monitoring and other already inside the Machine.
  • Operational stability
    Machine has been successfully accepting thousands of payments every day in dozens of countries. Service works steadily under high load. Guaranteed output — 100 payments in a second.
  • Simplicity of connection
    Payments in Machine can be send from any client. The system function successfully on mobile devices, self-serve terminals, personal computers and "smart" cash-registers.
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