Data processing service from  multiple devices


We share experts' optimism about rosy prospects of Internet of Things conseption.
By collecting the necessary metrics from cash desks, terminals, bank machines and other devices, business get an opportunity to respond on changes earlier and it means to increase quality of services and save the propagation.

To receive and process data from devices, a well-thought-out architecture on the receiving side is required. This is exactly what we can do best. Years of experience in creating high-loaded systems and using micro-service architecture gives us the right to say, that we can handle processing data from your devices. Let's find out more about your devices!
In any time be on to situation of important metrics for you from devices. Our product allow to collect and show right statistic.
High load
We know, that there are a lot of devices and our service is ready to high load. The spreading of high load admit micro-services to run away big expenses on equipment.
Our service is successful used by the leader of Russian fiscal technique market, so we can tell with certainty about it dependability. Detail logging system allow to respond quick on affairs.
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