The future of payments is created here
Develop systems and automate processes of conducting and acceptance of payments for corporations and startup companies
Digital-transformation of your business
We have created a system of products, destined to help your business to reach a new level. Build your own payment acceptance network. Increase the capabilities of your service with online banking for clients. Be innovative with
Drawing on our experience in developing Billing systems, realise issuing an invoices of any complexity, integrate with all yours and exteriors systems.
Using our knowledge in fintech and experience in developing complicated systems — develop for you quick banking service any degree of complexity.
Want to provide customers with an electronic wallet? We have already done it for you. Would you like to add new features in E-Wallet? We have ready modules to promote opportunities of E-Wallet.
The service allow to conduct payments at speed up to 100 in a second. In favour of the most sophisticated providers with rather non-standard scripts. Machine — is a time-tasted payment tool.
Terminal provides an opportunity to realise payment scripts of any complexity, making the use of terminals most convenient. Actualise new payment scripts in a couple of clicks with using our templates!
To transform your terminal screens into advertising space has never been so easy! Just upload advertising materials into Advert Manager and configure targeting. It only remains to control analytics.
Discover a completely new way of payment for your clients. We know all aspects of working with QR code payments and implement the solution on the ground of this technology for you.
IoT for us is not just a simple modern word, it is a lead-up to realise our projects. We know, how to work with equipment and high force. Let's learn more about your devices together!
Recurrence payments — is a powerful trend, in which we believe. That's why we have developed a product, which has been certified by PCI DSS and now is successfully used by a large telecom operator. Use this opportunity and you.
We are ready to share our experience
  • We take on a role of technology integrator and develop software, having designed the most suitable solution for the customer,taking into consideration possibilities of external systems and integration components.
  • Exploitation works in 24/7 mode. Provide exploitation, monitor platform, registration and control incident's status. Updates are made in automatised mode without system intermittence.
  • We analyse the already working program code and suggest solutions for effectivization and failure safety of the system. Inculcate new develop DevOps technologies and self-test of soft-ware.
  • We develop modern solutions for your needs. Follow the rules of DevOps, develop microservices and make it easier to follow development and support solutions. We use SCRUM and it means we always plan, work quickly, adapt and ready for changing requirements.
  • Agile-planning, integration and load-testing provides the whole reconcilability with all components and#nbsp;fail-safety of a system, what means that you can save your time and expenses on support and exploitation.
  • We develop mobile apps to resolve any goals. Accommodate our own PCI DSS archive of bank cards, that makes possible to realise services as QR-code pay, binding cards in online account and auto payments.
  • company is ready to participate in investment projects as#nbspIT accelerator.
Would you like to discuss your project or idea?
We would be glad to share our inspection and to  discuss how we can help you to develop your business.