In 200 times more often release updates, in 3 times fewer failures because of entering changes, in 24 times faster renew after the failure, relocate to the new platform in a couple of days  — all this possible with DevOps practices. We done DevOps in all steps of developing, from nonstop integration (CI) at each commit, till absolutely automated deployment (CD) with releases. In this case all infrastructure is controlled from the code, what gives a recover guaranty in a couple of minutes even with the complete loss of the server.
Quality Control

There are some phases of quality control in

Verification of input requirements
before the implementation

The future solution is discussed by analysts with team. It allows to exclude the most hard errors in relation of correction at the architectures level. Works are planned using agile-technique, which allows to estimate the tasks as realistically as possible.
Integration test
Testing is inseparable with developing, the team is not complete the task till we will not be sure in successful integration of all components of systems being under developing. Our company testers use the wide variety of tools as postman, newman collection runner, SoapUI and others for making testing process effective and don't stop the develop.
Stress testing
Stable operation under the load is one of  the key specificity of a really high-quality soft ware. Our company always estimate solution performances. With the assistance of scripts on  jMeter testing engineers  simulate different profiles of load and makes productivity samples of the system starting from standard load and ending with full stress-testing.
regression testing
Quick development is impossible without the quality checking automatisation. Final multi user functionality (End-to-End tests wrote, and python in Behavior Driven Development style with use behave + selenium + webdriver) and separate components of the system by API (tests on python with core in terms of framework pytest) are covered by automatic regression tests.
Daily tests
Thousands of tests are run every day on the company's CI servers (TeamCity), which in automatic mode control code's regressions and inform about them to develop teams.
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