Mountebank: adaptable mock web API
When it comes to develop modern IT-systems the question of external dependency mock always goes close. - new name of Tyme

We decided to change company name...
Implementation of Scrum by digithead: real experience, hidden agendas, tips&tricks
In recent years the implementation of agile-methodology in soft ware develop became as the hole industry: there are a lo of special literature on that subject, hold thematic conferences, arranges trainings.
About Megafon card — technique details
Features of the implementation of a MegaFon bank card and software device.

Cards, «Troyka», payments
There are two variants to charge up the card "Troyka" - "direct" and "distant". Both variants accessible on Megafon's terminals.
How we did terminals chain Megafon.
Special aspects of the terminal's construction, widening of device's posibilities and future plans on development of terminal chain.
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